NEAT Era begins here!

MTS AIRMASS - Loving You Is Copyright Infringement Listen Here.

The NEAT Era begins here. What does this mean? EMCD is turning from an experimental label to a full-fledged breakcore label. Our releases will now look somewhat professional in jewel cases (they'll still be handmade and whatnot, but we've got printed inserts, printed disc faces, CD back panels, and (my favorite) custom OBI strips! This will also mean that we'll be quite a bit more selective with our releases, releasing at MOST once a month (this will be an end to monthly bundles as well). We also started a new form of demo submissions. View the demo submissions page for more info. I decided to do a reissue of my album Loving You Is Copyright Infringement in this new style to test out how everything would look. I think it turned out pretty cool, we'll definitely do more of these. There were 5 copies of this issue pressed, and I am keeping one of them, meaning 4 are being sold. We'll also be changing release issue numbers: For every release (except this one for being pressed for testing purposes), they will have 10 copies pressed each, and I will keep one, so that's 9 being sold. If they all sell out and there's significant demand, I will press 10 more. NEAT Era begins!!!!!


1. A Lack Of Subtelty - 3:32
2. Little Caesar's With An Undertone Of Drowned Sadness - 2:11
3. Functioning Just Fine - 0:36
4. This California Trio Doesn't Want To Be Cookie Cutter - 4:14
5. Trial Is The Error - 6:50
6. You Are An Object - 4:54
7. Rationality Collapse - 3:40
8. I'm 8 Years Old, The Weather's Warm, We're Driving To Hawaiian Falls, Nothing Can Go Wrong - 5:19
9. Please Don't Sue Me (Sir Duke Remix) - 13:07
10. A Lack Of Moral Authority - 2:25
11. End Credits - 4:38