CYBERBULLY - Z (responding to the recovery) Buy CDr Here. Listen here.

CYBERBULLY is given the task of remixing a four year old's original compositions (my album, Z (Recovered)) and make them breakcore. Done extremely well! Staggering, noisy, pounding breakbeats,CYBERBULLY's new breakcore remix of a four-year old's jams (performed by MTS AIRMASS multiple years ago). Insanely entertaining, CYBERBULLY both elevates the quality and uncovers secrets within the original recordings morphing them into their best possible form. "A twenty-five-year old child is given audio by a four-year-old, drum breaks, crippling mental health issues, and horrible insomnia. What a mess! Enjoy."


1. taking chances in pop music (part one remix) - 10:20
2. achieving infinity through loud noises (part two remix) - 4:32
3. making sure the volume is turned up (part three remix) - 3:05
4. smiling now at the cat on the floor (part four remix) - 3:38
5. surprising you with unexpected parts (part five remix) - 2:59
6. eating 0.25 usd worth of goldfish crackers (part six remix) - 2:35
7. feeling it come back again (part seven remix) - 7:32