・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧ - The Amen Break, The Internet, And Other Ways To Waste Your Teenage Years Listen/Buy CDr Here.

Sample-ridden chaotic breakcore and kusoikore that manages to go by extremely fast and leave you craving more. Loud, abrasive, and evokes sensory-overload. CDr purchase and download includes 5 (japan only) bonus tracks. Download includes 11 bonus image artworks and extra info about each of the tracks. All material on this album was either made in 2021 or finished in 2021. "On an unrelated note I want Himeko to start doing his lolitacatacombs blogspot again goddammit." "All samples and images illegally stolen with respect and appreciation for the originals. Sampling is god, copyright is fuck. <3". This was originally (and by originally, I mean about a week before, cause Sam sent this to me saying it was awesome right when it was sent to him and decided to release it on his part a week before I did) on Cordfuck Records (see here), Sam Fauchon and kidwithapedalboard's label for troll releases. This one was somehow great though.

The Amen Break, The Internet, And Other Ways To Waste Your Teenage Years

1. Hi Speed Neko Petting - 1:16
2. Cyberstalking Himeko Katagiri Theme - 0:44
3. PANTSU SCUM - ひだまりスケッチ どこでもすごろく×365 Rmx - 0:13
4. Waifu Pushing Me off the Top Level of the Parking Garage (Hand In Hand on the Way Down) - 1:09
5. Based and Wafflepilled - 2:59
6. Punching the Wall Because I Want Cat Ears Dammit - 1:48
7. Tomboyish Loveless - 0:37
8. Shitmix '21 - 10:47:
shitmix 01 0:00 shiny happy
shitmix 02 0:09 renard queenston ruined my life
shitmix 03 0:43 calling mom to pick me up from the rave because it's scary and i want to go home
shitmix 04 1:28 won't survive
shitmix 05 2:06 shut the fuck up
shitmix 06 2:25 untitled shitcore
shitmix 07 2:40 emotional shitcore #2 (deleted excerpt)
shitmix 08 3:02 recent remake of 2 year old speedcore track i can't be bothered to name
shitmix 09 4:12 get pranked (it's two years old my humor sucked back then)
shitmix 10 4:24 smoke weed then smoke your family (snoop dogg x mr anime intro)
shitmix 11 4:44 famous
shitmix 12 6:06 dedicated to the kid at school with a csh shirt
shitmix 13 6:55 ban teenagers from the internet i hate zoomers
shitmix 14 8:15 nekololicon - I'm gonna die (emo kuso edit)
shitmix 15 9:15 witchlift - sanrio age regression suicide (rmx)
shitmix 16 9:38 4649nadeshiko - mp4 (trve shitmix)

japan only bonus tracks

9. 20XX Fruit Cup Breaks (japan only bonus track) - 1:21
10. that only took two years to finish (japan only bonus track) - 1:17
11. Generic Kuso Fantasy (japan only bonus track) - 1:18
12. 3 little kittens - purring rmx (japan only bonus track) - 1:24
13. shitmix '21 the second (japan only bonus track) - 4:31:
shitmix 01 0:00 mom walked into the room as i googled "nyan cat anime girl" to make track art
shitmix 02 0:24 i'm not a furry
shitmix 03 0:49 cruchyroll began the downward spiral (alternate love stage op remix)
shitmix 04 1:55 yuuya sakazaki with a rifle
shitmix 05 2:31 unusable mashcore (excerpt)
shitmix 06 2:35 untitled mashcore scrap
shitmix 07 2:59 sewerslvt and its consequences have been a disaster for lolicore
shitmix 08 4:00 untitled bpm matching mashcore scrap