First Defense - Saint Bernadette Had 18 Visions By The Time She Was My Age, All I Have Done Is Wish On Satellites Crashing Through The Stratosphere Listen/Buy CDr Here.

Ultrabased First Defense's first attempt at a breakcore album. Went through MANY iterations to get to its final stage. First Defense takes a strive towards breakcore in this glitchy mess-terpiece of an album. Each track is constructed in a way in which the percussion achieves maximum impact like few other albums manage to do. Fully embracing the First Defense brand on what could be considered their first serious effort, the album never ceases to be interesting and distract the ears from start to finish. CDr comes with a pregap track 0, which took forever to figure out how to add to these things, but it worked!! Maybe I should've included the CUE sheet as a bonus download, haha.


0. Tribute To The Prowler in The Yard - 3:00
1. Den första låten är alltid menad att vara en introduktion till resten av låtarna i albumet - 2:00
2. Centerpiece - 2:15
3. Antiprotopolymorphia - 2:21
4. Sweden (Interlude) - 1:10
5. Zaidimas - 5:42
6. Are You Happy When You're Angry? - 4:04
7. The Struggle For Control - 3:41
8. Ez származék? - 8:45
9. Data Adaplex - 1:00
10. "This Device Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Trusted" - 10:54
11. Fadeaway - 1:14
12. QRCODEX - 4:30