Cement Tea - Ugly, Gross And Cute Listen/Buy CDr Here.

Yuhhhhh, we're making big moves! Cement Tea is so cool, amazing that they put this album here. Artworks by Meronti and Katagiri too! So yeah, this album's got all these hardcore gabber beats and the high pitched vocals and the amens and the whatnot. There's a lot of whatnot. I'm a bit sleepy right now and it's a Sunday and also my flippin laptop broke. The screen's all pink and there's glitch lines everywhere. I literally just had Discord open, looked away for a couple minutes, came back and it was like that. Anyways, this is a great album, just like all the NEAT Era stuff. A lot more of your standard breakcore stuff than the REALLY weird shit we've been putting out lately.


1. Bemvd - 5:59
2. Nrml - 3:47
3. Slimysmile - 3:32
4. Te - 4:30
5. The Girl That Cats Hated - 4:05
6. Pimplepopper - 4:31
7. Peaky - 4:28
8. Life Ov The Sheep - 4:04
9. Nerve Pasta - 5:33
10. Pressing Buttons VIP - 4:35