Ouch, this one hurts (in a good way)

Quants - Noise Trax Vol. 1Listen/Buy the cassette Here. Buy the CDr Here.

EMCD24 - CDr release. Quants released these themself digitally and via cassette if you'd rather buy those. This one's totally insane, sounds like a damn Merzbow record. Sounds like washing machine guitars. Minimalist packaging very fitting to the material depicted. The cover I drew is a minimalist recreation Quants used for the digital cover. "Paper sleeve, green marker, blue pen tracklist, plus with bonus insert of a random sheet I found in a box. As tradition, 5 copies made, and I'll be keeping one. Quants comes in here rupturing your ears with their bombastic, machine-like harsh noise wall. Play loud and/or die trying."

Quants - Noise Trax Vol. 1

1. I'm Not Merzbow But I Wanna Be - 4:56
2. The More Of These I Make The Hungrier I Get - 5:47
3. Boom Boom Bang Bang Lie Down You're Dead - 5:47
4. This is A Useful Way Of Working Out My Anger And Hatred For The World - 9:03
5. Human Music - 3:38
6. Eep - 7:19
7. Finnish Is a Uralic Language And So Is Hungarian - 16:46
8. Track 8 - 5:44