Absolute Wack (no relation)

Demvr - IdeationListen Here.

EMCD25/WTC+023 - CDr and File release (altho WTC and Demvr respectively also released their own files). "Merzbow-esque sprawls of noise enveloping the listener in an endless drawl. Interspersed with small noise-rock segments, you will be questioning whether you're listening to actual music or if you've gone insane from the fields of static. Comes with CDr, folded grocery bag square (each happens to be from a different store) page from Sonic Colors booklet, all wrapped around a page from a 5th grade writing textbook with an attached informative index card. As per tradition 5 copies exist and I will be keeping one."

Demvr - Ideation

1. Ideation I - 34:14
2. Ideation II - 24:15