This one was wack

Men in Grey - Bokassakult VListen/Buy the CDr Here Or listen off of Men in Grey's Bandcamp

EMCD32 - Men in Grey new release. Crazy trippy straight plunderphonics that seamlessly blends together over the course of a track to create a scenic soundscape that envelops the listener into a general atmosphere. Not totally comparable to much else out there. CDr packaged in some sheet music from the 1960s I managed to acquire and a misprinted sheet of label stickers. Track 5 is a bonus track.

Men in Grey - Bokassakult V

1. Harkov I - 7:05
2. Hyman - 12:18
3. 33 Days - 12:59
4. Harkov II - 7:55
5. Brutalism 71 (Golden Light) - 1:42